SAGADA MT. PROVINCE | Coffea arabica | Dark Roast

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100% Pure Arabica. Typica variety is grown in Sagada and Besao, Mountain Province in the Cordillera highlands of the northern Philippines since the 1890s and early 1900s. Sagada coffee, also known as Sagada arabica or SGD coffee, is a single-origin coffee varietal grown in Sagada in the Cordillera highlands. It belongs to the species Coffea arabica, of the Typica variety.

Origin:  Sagada, Mt. Province, Philippines

Coffee Specie: Coffea arabica

Varietal: Typica

Altitude/Elevation: 5,000 ft above sea level

Process: Honey

Taste Notes: Bittersweet taste with a nutty aroma and toasty finish

Roast Profile: Dark

Roast Date: from the date of the order we roast the beans so we deliver it to you fresh

Grind: Medium

Recommended Brewing Method: AeroPress, Automatic Drip Coffee, Chemex, Coffee Cone, Cold Brew Coffee, French Press & Siphon

In photo, 1000 grams tube and 1000 grams pouch. Lower weights gets smaller tubes and pouches.