AMADEO | Coffea excelsa or Coffea liberica var. dewevrei | Dark Roast

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100% Pure Excelsa a.k.a. PREMIUM BARAKO

Due to their similarity in taste, Excelsa coffee is often confused  as Liberica or Robusta. Our Excelsa, however, has a distinct sweet and fruity flavor that is somewhat like jackfruit it has a woody taste as well, and is generally a little bitter. Its aroma is more prominent than its taste. It is commonly cultivated in the mountains of Cavite and Batangas region. Excelsa enhances the middle and back palate and lingering finish of the coffee, giving the cup more substance and power.

Recently, Excelsa was re-classified as a variety of Liberica. However, even though the plants may be taxonomically similar, the actual coffee is so dramatically different that we still think of them as entirely separate species. It accounts for about 7% of world coffee production.

Origin:  Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines

Coffee Specie: Coffea excelsa or Coffea liberica var. dewevrei

Varietal: Excelsa

Altitude/Elevation: 1,500 ft above sea level

Process: Natural

Taste Notes: tart, fruity, dark, mysterious taste

Roast Profile: Medium

Roast Date: from the date of the order we roast the beans so we deliver it to you fresh

Grind: Medium

Recommended Brewing Method: AeroPress, Automatic Drip Coffee, Chemex, Coffee Cone, Cold Brew Coffee, French Press & Siphon

In photo, 1000 grams tube and 1000 grams pouch. Lower weights gets smaller tubes and pouches.