TABUK KALINGA | Coffea canephora | Medium Roast

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100% Pure Robusta. Grown at high altitude under the shade of the old-growth jungle, this Robusta will shatter all expectations with its depth and complexity. Growing Robusta this way is almost unheard of, but the result is extraordinary. Low acidity and no bitterness make it easy to drink, too.

Robusta or Coffea canephora is a smooth, low-acid coffee that stimulates mostly the back of the palate, which is responsible for flavor retention and depth. It is also twice as high in caffeine as most Arabicas. People who have difficulties with the acidity of Arabicas and the lack of "persistence" of taste generally thoroughly enjoy Robusta or a blend of Robusta and Arabica.

Origin:  Tabuk, Kalinga, Philippines

Coffee Specie: Coffea canephora

Varietal: Robusta

Altitude/Elevation: 5,500 ft above sea level

Process: Honey

Taste Notes: Bold, Nutty, Chocolate, Hints of Orange

Roast Profile: Medium

Roast Date: from the date of the order we roast the beans so we deliver it to you fresh

Grind: Medium

Recommended Brewing Method: AeroPress, Automatic Drip Coffee, Chemex, Coffee Cone, Cold Brew Coffee, French Press & Siphon

In photo, 1000 grams tube and 1000 grams pouch. Lower weights gets smaller tubes and pouches.