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One of the original and still fabulous coffee sensations – the smooth flavor of Irish cream liqueur envelopes the warm satisfying coffee. Served with a splash of cream, your guests will not believe you are serving an alcohol-free after-dinner drink.

This coffee is a wonderful way to enjoy a tasty and famous coffee cocktail, even if you don’t have all classic ingredients to make one. This coffee is flavored at the time of roasting by using finest natural flavors allowing to achieve a harmonious evocative aroma. Saint Nicholas Irish Cream coffee will give you a balanced, rich, slightly creamy taste with hints of famous Irish whiskey and cream, as well as a light delicate aroma of vanilla, cocoa and espresso.


Saint Nicholas Coffee flavored blends are made with premium specialty grade beans and roasted to perfection for a smooth tasting coffee cup.

  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • No Calories or Sugar
  • 110% Guilt Free

    pssst.... flavored coffee taste best when cream/milk and sweetener are added.